The Vibro Control300 Vibrating Vibration Vibration Forming Machine is intended for the monitoring of rotary machines, which is categorized as sensitive rotating equipment and is required to continuously be aware of the vibrational state of their various parts. Because in this type of rotary machine, the number of vibrating sensor points is more than one point, so the Vibro Control300 is very practical in this regard, given its four-chamber nature. According to the expectation, the device is also designed and built by the optimal processing company Arman, based on the API670 reference standard, including the local display screen to view the values ​​of the orally vibration, the output of the stream to connect to the control systems, the dedicated Two separate relay outputs per channel and buffered output per channel for connecting to a portable measuring device for vibrations.

The full specifications and capabilities of the Vibro Control300 are as follows:

• Protecting online device and measuring vibrations with four input channels
• Accepts all sorts of accelerometer sensors, speed and displacement for each input channel
• Possibility to send outputs in the range of 4-20 from the Oral Vibration or Dynamic Signal
• Equipped with two dry relay alerts and dips per channel
• Has a local display screen for viewing and accessing users to rotary vibration parameters
• Built-in output (BNC output) for connecting portable device
• Equipped with a malfunction relay for communicating sensors with equipment
• Support for Modbus RTU protocol
• Ability to add analysis and troubleshooting module to view all kinds of vibrating spectra with warning and black LEDs.
• Requires a power supply + 24VDC for drive and startup