This analog module, based on the standard of vibration equipment vendors (API670), is a single-channel switch that provides vibration monitoring and monitoring capabilities for users. Among the facilities of this facility is the ability to receive input through a variety of vibrating sensors (accelerometer, speed and displacement) and will be able to convert the received voltage signal to 4-20mA for connection to control systems such as PlC and DCS. Also, a dry contact (relay) is designed as an alarm or shutdown relay for this module, which, if used, is activated after passing through the adjusted vibration parameters.

On the front of the device, a buffer output (BNC output) is designed to allow the portable device to be connected. It will be possible to replace the local reset in the circuit of this equipment instead of the buffer output.

In general, the Vibro Ral100 AC features and capabilities are as follows:            

Single-channel switch with accelerometer sensors, speed and displacement as inputs
Possibility to send a 4-20mA output from the Ural Vibration or Dynamic Signal
Equipped with a buffered output to read vibrating values ​​using a portable device
Possibility to choose whether to activate or deactivate (energize or de-energize)
Possibility of delay shutdown in the relay function circuit
Rail mounted
Requires 24VDC power supply for drive and startup
Equipped with LED for loop monitoring and activation if loops are not looped
Equipped with a dry relay number for use as an alarm or silent relay

The Vibro Rail100DC switch is a single-channel module that is designed according to the API670 standard to measure and monitor the shaft displacement in axial and axial direction rotary equipment. Thus, this device only has the ability to accept eddy current inputs as inputs and will be able to convert the measured DC gap to 0-2mm to a suitable signal of 4-20 mA. Another feature of this module is to allocate LEDs in order to know the status of looping current, connecting and sensing the sensor, and considering the buffered output to connect the portable device.

In general, the features and capabilities of the Vibro Rail 100 DC are as follows:

Single-channel switch to measure the displacement of shafts in axial direction with the ability to accept displacement sensors as inputs
Possibility of sending 4-20 mA output from measured DC gap values
Equipped with loop-to-loop current LEDs as well as transducer connection and activation if not installed
Buffered output to measure values ​​and read through portable device
Possibility of delay shutdown in the relay function circuit
Requires 24VDC power supply for drive and startup
Rail Mounted
Equipped with a dry relay number for use as a relay for alert and silent
Possibility to select relay active or inactive (energize or de-energize)

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