The vibro EX50 switch is an analog module that is used to measure vibration images for single channels.
Among the advantages of this equipment, it is equipped with an anti-explosion box that allows vibration monitoring of rotating equipment in a high-risk range.
The vibro EX50 is for an incoming channel that receives accelerometers, speeds, and displacement sensors.
The two outputs of the alarms and trips are a mA20-4 current output for connection to control systems such as … PLC, DCS.

:In general, the specifications and capabilities of the vibro EX50 are as follows

Single-channel switch with accelerometer sensors – Speed and displacement as input
Possibility to send an output in the current of 20-4 mA from the Oral Vibration or Dynamic Signal
Possibility to select active or deactivate (energize or de-energize)
Mount plate mounting
Requires 24VDC power supply for drive and startup
Ability to define Delay shutdown in the relay function circuit
Equipped with two dry relays for use as an alarm and shutdown relay
Equipped with an explosion-proof box for use in hazardous areas