In addition to the position that online vibration analysis and troubleshooting systems have gained in the industry and has played a significant role in improving the quality of maintenance and maintenance in various industries, especially the upstream industries such as oil and gas, educational systems such as universities are also at the forefront of engaging With special emphasis on vibration, in particular, mechanical mechanics, it is a matter of particular importance and always seeks to equip relevant laboratories, such as dynamic labs and vibrations, with systems that can provide students with a better understanding of vibrational troubleshooting.
In this regard, the Vibro Rack1000-8, an online analyzer, has been developed by Arman’s optimal processing company, and more than 20 universities have now used this equipment in their laboratories. One of the points to be noted for this 8-channel monitoring system is simultaneously without limitation in the type of sensor input and the ability to observe a variety of vibrating spectra in the software of this equipment. This device, in terms of the position of the circuit, can accept input directly as well as Functionality in parallel with protective systems.

The Vibro Rack1000-24 Vibration Vibration Analyzer System features and capabilities are as follows:
• Online Vibration Analyzer with Industrial Capability in 24 Channel and Under 9 Channels
• Equipped with CMS software for analyzing and troubleshooting vibrating spectra, sound analysis, single-panel and two-way balances, modal testing
• Capable of receiving up to 10 kHz bandwidths at 12-bit resolution, per channel
• Ability to select software modules to select users (for example, to remove the balance option in the software)
• Ability to view vibrating spectra such as FFT, Power Spectrum, Orbit, Order, Time Wave, Bode plot and Nyquist Diagram in Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting
• Communication with the software through the Ethernet platform
• Ability to use directly or parallel (use of buffer output of online protection systems)
• Ability to assign input of one of the channels to the hardware Trigger for measuring and modal testing using a hammer
• Portable and battery powered