The Vibro Rail200 is designed to monitor and measure the drop rod (piston) in reciprocating compressors and is based on the API670 standard. It is a single-channel device and the sensors needed for it are merely a kind of displacement. Due to the display on this device, users will be able to know at any moment about the amount of Rod Drops (probe to piston distance). The Vibro 200 also provides streaming output for use in control systems such as PLC and DCS or other standard recorders.

Specifications and features of the Rod drop The Vibro Rail200 model is as follows:
• Single-channel switch with acceptance of displacement sensor as input for monitoring Rod drop in reciprocating compressors
• Possibility to send 4-20 mA output
• Ability to measure in three modes: use of phase angle, averaging and maximum piston loss
• Has a dry relay for use as a warning or blackout
• Equipped with LED for sensing or not communicating with the sensor
• Equipped with LEDs for warning or blackouts
• Support for Modbus RTU protocol
• Requires 24VDC power supply for drive and startup