ABPvibro company has been designing and manufacturing a TS500 simulator to provide a complete package that can simulate mechanical faults of rotating machines. This equipment is added to our basket with the idea of ​​generating a variety of common defects of rotating machines on a table so that users in the academic or industrial field have a good understanding of  vibrational changes before and after accruing a defects.

The main part of this equipment is a mobile desk, which, according to the rails on which it is embedded, can easily accommodate other components of the equipment, including gearbox, electromotor, interchangeable couplings, damaged and damaged bearings, The gearbox, as well as the belt simulation system, are either installed on it or replaced .

In general, the specification of the fault simulator of the rotary machines of the TS500 model is as follows:
• Revolving machine fault simulator kit
• Equipped with a movable table with rails embedded to install the     accessories
• Equipped with an electro-motor and inverter to adjust the desired distance
• Equipped with couplings of different sizes
• Equipped with sound and defective bearings for testing defect detection methods in bearings.
• Equipped with gearbox Includes various types of healthy and defective rotators for testing different fault detection methods in rotary devices.
• Equipped with simulation of the belt system