The vibrating device Vibro1030 is intended for periodic measurements and vibration values ​​of rotating equipment at specific time intervals. Always on various industrial equipment sites such as electropumps, etc., there is a significant number, which, on the other hand, is not vibrational in the priority of online monitoring, and, on the other hand, their vibrational measurements over time, the improvement of repairs and Maintenance will take place. In this respect, the Vibro1030 vibration meter is very practical for this type of machine, and this single-channel device equipped with an accelerometer sensor number will enable users to manually use this device with the appropriate weight It is also designed to know the state of the vibrational values ​​of these rotating machines. The use of this equipment is in two free-format (free) formats, as well as the use of rout (software). In the first instance, users freely and customize the desired points of interest and in the Route software that can define more than 4000 points for measurement, first the specifications and settings of each point in the definition software, then the information in the form of the Route on the download device, and finally the user, in accordance with the designated points of naming, acts on portable vibrating measurements. .

The full specifications and capabilities of the portable measuring device vibration model Vibro 1030 are as follows:

Portable measuring device for single-channel vibration with accelerometer sensor input capability
The ability to display values in peak, peak-peak and RMS
Visibility of the Variations and spectrum values in the route
Upload and download capabilities between device and software via serial port
Ability to view values in three acceleration formats (m / s2), speed (mm / s) and displacement (μm) simultaneously in Free point mode
Equipped with carrying case, serial cable and magnet as auxiliary equipment
Rechargeable battery with continuous measurement for 6 hours