ABP Vibro Company has been active in designing and manufacturing vibration monitoring systems since 2006, and has been successful in compiling the standard from the list of knowledge-based companies as well as obtaining the certificates of ISO9001: 2008 and ISO10006: 2003. The vibrating equipment conforms to the international API670 standard, as well as the ISO17025 certificate from the National Institutes of National Accreditation (NACI), which established this collection as the first and only private reference laboratory in the field of calibration testing of all types of vibrating sensors and vibration measurement systems in the country. Has been introduced.

The company is also able to operate the contracting authority by obtaining a contracting authority certificate in order to meet the necessary conditions for contracting activities. By participating in the 28th International Charzami Festival in 2014, it will be able to rank in the field of developmental research The machine is a rotary machine monitoring machine using vibration measurement.