Due to the special position of Monitoring Canton (CM) as one of the main subcategories of preventive maintenance, the Vibro Rack1000-24 analyzer has been considered as one of the company’s most popular products and has been welcomed by its customers. This device, which has the capability to view all kinds of vibrating spectra, single-sheet and two-sided balances, sound analysis and modal testing in its software simultaneously, is designed in industrial format and is Rack Mount. How to place the hardware of this device in the direct orbit circuit (direct input from a variety of vibration sensors) or parallel (using buffer output of protective systems) and, according to the needs of the users, the number of channels of this equipment can be in the form of Reduce three-channel cards from 24 to 9 channels.

The Vibro Rack1000-24 Vibration Vibration Analyzer System features and capabilities are as follows:

Online Vibration Analyzer with Industrial Capability in 24 Channel and Lower Channels to 9 Channels
Equipped with CMS software for analyzing and troubleshooting vibrating spectra, sound analysis, single-sheet and two-page balances, modal testing
Frequency bandwidth up to 40 kHz with a resolution of 16 bits, according to the number of channels used
The ability to select software modules to select users (for example, to remove the balancing option in the software)
Possibility to view vibrating spectra such as FFT, Power Spectrum, Orbit, Order, Time Wave, Bode plot and Nyquist Diagram in Vibration Analysis and Vibration
Communication with the software through the Ethernet platform
Ability to use directly or parallel (using buffer output of online protection systems)
Ability to assign input of one of the channels to the hardware Trigger for measuring and testing the modal using a hammer
Has separate output for calibration and modal testing with a shaker