The most complete generation of online vibration monitoring systems manufactured by Arman’s Optimum Processing Company, which will be able to handle various rotating equipment, such as turbine, compressor, etc., will be dedicated to the Vibro Rack3000. In fact, the Vibro Rack3000 is in terms of both the appearance and performance of the device, with the equipment made by leading American and European companies (Bently Nevada, Vibro meter, …).
One of the features of this device is the ability to monitor the twenty-eight channels of Wi-Fi, and there is no limit to the type of sensors connected to the channels of this device such as accelerometer, speed and displacement.

The Vibro Rack3000 vibration analyzer’s features and capabilities are as follows:

• Online vibration monitoring and routing equipment with Rack mount mount
• Ability to support accelerometer sensors, speed and displacement as inputs
• Ability to monitor 28 channels simultaneously (7 four-channel vibration cards)
• Ability to monitor parameters such as temperature and pressure on equipments, in parallel with monitoring vibrations.
• Requires 220VDC power supply for drive and startup
• Equipped with two output relays for each channel for alert and silent
• Equipped with a 4-20 mAh output for each channel to connect to control systems such as PLCs
• Keyphasor connectivity to read distances (two channels)
• Local display for reading Ural vibrations and the settings of each channel on each card

• Connectivity to HMI software through Modbus protocol support
• Ability to add analysis and troubleshooting module to view a variety of vibrating (selective) spectra.